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Providing a natural approach to solving your pest bird issues. From Geese, Gulls and Crows to Pigeons and Starlings, we have the solution for all.

We also provide a unique hands on, fun filled educational presentation for all ages to enjoy.

Pest Bird Control

Providing over 15 years of quality service removing pest birds from our customers properties. Utilizing trained Birds of Prey to create a predator presence to naturally deter pest birds, along with providing humane live trapping to physically remove Starlings and Pigeons. Call for your free estimate today!

Educational Presentation

We offer a unique, hands on, fun filled event with our birds of prey. Enjoy some time spent, up close and personal with these majestic Hawks and Falcons.
Learn about the ancient art of Falconry and take part in ” A day in the life of a Falconer”
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